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Together Let’s Talk Communication and Language 6T Activity Programme

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This Together Let’s Talk 6T activity programme has been created to support the communication and language development of children aged 2-5 years old. The programme is designed to promote the following strategies;


Tune in

Tag on


Talk with your body

Take a back seat

The activity programme aims to promote one strategy each week, over a six week period, through 5 carefully selected  activities. The practitioner or parent will carry out one activity per day, promoting the chosen strategy of that week.

Each activity card is designed to cater to the developmental stage of every child, with the option to enhance or simplify the activity based on the child’s needs and abilities. The easy to follow activities can be repeated and adapted to meet the children’s interests.

Some activities may require alternative resources or visual aids to support the children’s learning, however the programme does include some printable resources to save time and cost for the setting.

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