Downloadable Learning Journey


Downloadable Learning Journey

Our downloadable learning journey saves your valuable time as you are able to download and print endless copies and pages. This is a great purchase for any setting. Our learning journey is full of important pages to assess and develop the children within your settings learning. It is easy to use and can be created into a ring bound document or used within in a hard cover folder. A learning journey provides an overview of a child’s progress within the seven areas of Learning and Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. It is used by you as the key worker to plan, implement and observe your key child’s daily development within their learning setting. This information will be shared between yourself and your key child’s parents/guardians to ensure that you are building the most accurate picture of the child’s development.

Our Learning Journey covers;

All About Me Section When a child joins the setting or moves between rooms within the setting their key person will complete this section with the child’s parents. This gives the setting an initial knowledge of the child and helps you to get to know the child and a starting point for their development.

My First Week Page This is a non formal page that is created to show the child’s parents/guardians what they have been doing during their first week; this is a great way to ensure parents/guardians do not feel apprehensive about leaving their chid. This is also a great way to find out the child’s interests within the setting.

Observations Within our Observations there are; A Observation Key Code, Short Observations, Long Observations , Photographic Observations, Home Observation. These observation sheets are mainly used by the child’s key person within the setting, to write a written account on what you have witnessed the child doing, you can add photographs, art work or even allow the child to add their own comments. These observations will help to form future planning following the child’s interests as well as supporting them in areas they may require support in. By providing a Home Observation Sheet you are also allowing parents to share their child’s home experiences with the setting, this provides you as a key worker more information on what they enjoy doing at home and their development and learning at home.

Next Steps Completion Evidence It is extremely important to follow through with the children’s next steps as this allows them to develop their learning further, this page is used to ensure you are showing that you are furthering your key children’s learning and development.

Individual Progress Tracker Our individual progress tracker is completed every 3 to 4 months this is to monitor each child’s development and progress within the seven areas of the EYFS.

Progress Summary Our progress summary is a more detailed assessment of your key children’s learning and development. You will complete written summaries across the prime areas of learning, and a basic assessment of the specific areas. This allows the key person to check each of their key children area developing well within all 7 areas. This will be shows to the child’s parent/carer and they are asked to make any additional comments regarding their Childs development during this period. You will also discuss with the child’s parent/guardian how you can work together and support the child’s development.

On Entry Assessment Our On Entry Assessment is a basic assessment similar to the individual progress tracker, this is completed after 4 weeks of the child starting the assessment this provides you with a starting point to support the child’s learning.

Parents/Guardians Review It is important for the child’s parents/guardians to look through their child’s learning journey as they are the child’s main careers they will know their child the best. It is also a great way to promote parent partnership and work together to support each child’s learning and development.


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