Space Themed Behaviour System


Space Themed Behaviour System

This behaviour system can be displayed on a wall to encourage children to think about their behaviour throughout the day and adjust their behaviour to move up the system.

The behaviour system includes 5 building blocks that reflect the children’s behaviour;

To infinity and beyond – For children who have done something amazing!

Reach for the stars – For children who have done something good.

Ready to Launch – All of the children will start on this block

Maintenance required – The child may need some encouragement to improve their behaviour

Spaceship grounded – The child may receive a consequence for their negative behaviour

This behaviour system includes some small spaceships that can be used to represent each child. The practitioners can add the child’s photo or name to each one and use these to move up or down the system. All of the children will start on the middle block at the beginning of the day and move up for positive behaviour and down for negative behaviour.

This is a downloadable file 

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