Early Years, EYFS , Ofsted, Development, Improvemment, Nursery, Childminder , Ongoing medicines record form Recruitment Pack

Recruitment Resource Pack

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This Recruitment Resource Pack contains all the documents you will need to recruit a new employee.

Contents of this pack are:

  • Job Application Form
  • Invite to Interview Letter
  • Rejection Interview Letter
  • Practitioner Interview Questions
  • Practitioner Interview Questions Indicators
  • Senior Interview Questions
  • Senior Interview Questions Indicators
  • Manager Interview Questions
  • Manager Interview Questions Indicator
  • Childcare Disqualification Form
  • Job Acceptance Letter
  • Job Unsuccessful Letter
  • Request for Reference Form
  • Reference Proforma
  • Equal Opportunities Form
  • Confidential Medical Form
  • Nursery Manager Job Description
  • Nursery Manager Job Specification
  • Nursery Practitioner Job Description
  • Nursery Practitioners Job Specification
  • Senior Nursery Practitioner Job Description
  • Senior Nursery Practitioner Job Specification
  • Deputy Manager Job Description
  • Deputy Manager Job Specification

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